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Join Unlocking EQ to learn Why, How emotional intelligence works

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Curso: Libera Tu EQ   eLearning en Español



SEI Assessors and EQ Practitioners, complete this eLearning to learn about using the Unlocking EQ Profile.

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|Modulo de Aprendizaje para el uso del nuevo perfil UEQ  eLearning en Español




Brain Profiler Certification

How can “EQ” be applied in a practical, tangible way for managers, educators, or others to quickly put emotional intelligence into action? Earn certification in the Brain Brief Profile, Brain Talent Profile, Brain Discovery Profile — and the Dashboard (and the youth version of the Profiles if applicable to your work).

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Certificación Brain Profiler en Español  Requirements



EQ Practitioner Certification

Pre and post-course learning for the flagship “Practitioner Certification” program on how to fuel transformation by harnessing the learnable, measurable, scientifically-grounded skills of emotional intelligence.

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Certificación EQ Practitioner -Español



EQ Assessor Certification

Learn to measure and develop EQ with these best-in-class, action-oriented tools — from your desk in this practical one-to-one program.

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Certificación Asesor EQ Core (Español)  | EQAC eLearning en Español (Si empezó el curso antes de Agosto 2018 haga clic aquí )



EQ Assessors become accredited to use the SEI Youth Version and how to apply within the broader context of Social Emotional Learning.  This eLearning supports Assessors to learn and apply this tool for ages 7-18.

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EQ Educator Certification

A social-emotional learning (SEL) program supports students to be more effective by increasing emotional intelligence. EQEC provides insights and tools to effectively lead SEL by teaching and modeling learnable skills proven to increase academic and life success.

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Education Vital Signs Certification

How to create a great place to learn? Start with a school climate survey that is highly customizable for your school setting. Learn the value and how to set-up, administer, and debrief this survey with your school.

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Vital Signs Consultant Certification — Learn powerful tools to measure the drivers of organizational performance.

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EQCC-bambooEQ Coach Certification

Pre and post-course learning for those enrolled in this deep-dive for transformational coaching, starting with Coach EQ Foundations (CCF) and continuing to Coach EQ Insights (CCI) and preparing for Coach EQ Solutions (CCS):

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EQ Fellow Certification

Pre and post-course learning for the flagship “Fellow Certification” program on how to fuel transformation by harnessing the learnable, measurable, scientifically-grounded skills of emotional intelligence.

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Facilitator Integration & CEQF

The Facilitator Integration (FI) is a special program for graduates of the EQ Core (UEQ + PC + AC) supporting you to integrate & apply your learning to practical application: How do you effectively apply the EQ tools & methods to your work as a facilitator?

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Then the next step is to earn Certified EQ Facilitator status with the CEQF:
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Insights for People Management Mini Certification

After your Brain Profiler Certification, add “EQ Insights for People Management.” Learn to facilitate IPM, a remarkable day-long workshop that includes a 50-page personalized workbook (integrating Brain Profiles & Talents) to grow managerial competence.

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Living EQ Integration

How can you best apply the tools & methods from Core certification to your own life?

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SEI LTC Certification


This is the eLearning portal for the SEI LTC (Leading Through Change)
The SEI LTC eLearning is available to you when you have completed the EQAC (EQ Assessor Certification).
You will need to be registered in this certification. To register, please go to www.6seconds.org/reg – and you will gain access to the certification in your eq.org account.
This valuable eLearning takes you on journey to:

  • Understand the nature of change in today’s complex world
  • Explore what makes change so hard, and how change is impacting leadership
  • Familiarize yourself with new concepts in the SEI LTC report, such as an AGILE Leadership Framework, Change Readiness and Integration of the Change MAP and the EQ competencies

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For Italian courses, please see EQ.org/learn/italiano

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