Welcome to the EQ Coach Certification: Insights

This CCI is designed as an integration program supporting you to bring together your coaching foundations  with Six Seconds’ EQ tools & methods. It includes eLearning (here on the site) with live virtual classes, 1-1 coaching, practice, reading, and additional assignments. Through CCI you’ll develop a solid understanding of the theoretical frameworks underpinning the Six Seconds’ approach to coaching:

  1. Revisit the ICF Competencies & ethical guidelines
  2. Integrate the Change MAP as a structure to organize coaching for transformation
  3. Apply Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence as a process and toolset for catalyzing positive change

And, we’ll also go further into defining your vision and work as a coach as you focus on growing and using your own EQ in order to best support your clients as a “guide on the side,” partnering with your clients toward their goals.

CCI is open to coach-trainees in Six Seconds’ EQ Coach Certification and coaches who have completed our Core certifications (UEQ+PC+AC). If you are enrolled in this course, and need access to the eLearning, please email [email protected] for assistance.

The links for accessing each of the EQCC courses are below.


Complete all these requirement(s) to get certification

Coach Cert Foundationscourse

The eLearning for CCF prepares you for this powerful Coach Certification program, and supports your post-course application

Coach Cert Insightscourse

Going deeper into the ICF Competencies and Six Seconds' theoretical models to create powerful coaching. (Only for EQCC participants)

Coach Cert Solutionscourse

Coach Cert Solutions

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