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My Brain Talents

What are the 18 Brain Talents and how you can apply them more effectively?

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InspirED: Professional Development Toolbox

inspirED Educators using the InspirED resource on – created with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Born This Way Foundation – can access this library of powerful strategies and tools to increase emotional intelligence in your classrooms.

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iSEL: The Introduction to Social Emotional Learning

Students with an effective “social emotional learning” (or SEL) program do better academically – and in life (evidence). Why is this so important?  What is social emotional learning?  How can I get started in my classroom?

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EQ Profiler

Brain-Profiles In business there’s a lot of talk about “EQ” but it’s usually intangible.  Is there  powerful, practical way managers can use emotional intelligence?

This free online course will orient you to the Brain Brief Profile, Brain Talent Profile, Brain Discovery Profile — and the Dashboard. You’ll learn to use the tools in the workplace including managing performance, selection, team collaboration, and customer orientation.

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EQ Profiles for Educators

eqpe-color-hand The Brain Profiles are available for youth (ages7-18) and for adults to provide a simple, powerful way to measure and develop emotional intelligence.

This free online course will orient you to the Brain Brief Profile, Brain Talent Profile, Brain Discovery Profile — and the Dashboard for both youth and adults. These are remarkable tools because they help you bring EQ into the educational community, yielding increased insight, collaboration, and engagement.

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EQ 101 for Parents

eq-101-parentsParenting is a tough job – and it can be an emotional roller-coaster.What are the emotional intelligence skills we need in order to maintain peace amidst all the stress?  How can emotional intelligence help us communicate, collaborate, and create great relationships… and teach these essential skills to our children?

The free online emotional intelligence course for parents is a collaboration of hundreds of allies from the EQ Network.  It features over 50 brief videos filmed with EQ experts  the Six Seconds Master Class.

When you sign up, you’ll appreciate the possibility to go through 6 modules independently (you decide when and how!), enjoining activities, videos and other great experts’ contributions. Moreover, you’ll be able to join one or more optional online discussions!



Intelligenza Emotiva in Famiglia

Intelligenza Emotiva in Famiglia offre un percorso agile, facilmente fruibile e comprensibile da tutti coloro che vivono l’esperienza genitoriale e familiare direttamente o indirettamente.

Attraverso video, attività e piccoli progetti allenerete la vostra intelligenza emotiva, quella dei vostri figlio o supporterete genitori e famiglie in questo obiettivo.

Sei moduli, 3 unità per modulo. Semplice, interattivo, sempre disponibile online 7 giorni su 7, 24h su 24h.

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