Welcome to the EQ Educator Certification (EQEC) eLearning.

EQEC provides insights and skills to strengthen your delivery of social emotional learning.

You will need to be registered in this certification. To register, please go to www.6seconds.org/reg – you will then receive an EQ.org account (if you don’t have one) and access to the certification.

For help with registration, please email [email protected]

For technical assistance, please go to our helpdesk: http://6sec.org/help

Once you have your account and are enrolled… you will be able to access the courses below to get started:

(After the in-person part of the course, you’ll come back here to complete the training.)

Complete any of these requirement(s) to get certification

EQ Educatorcourse

EQ Educator Certification; training in the Six Seconds

Certificazione EQ Educatorcourse

Certificazione EQ Educator

Certificación Educador EQ -Españolcourse

Un programa de aprendizaje socioemocional (SEL)

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