This is the Specialty Program that allows you to use and apply EQ assessments for Youth and Adults in the context of Social and Emotional Learning. 

Please note the certification completion requirements for this course. You have a maximum of 90 days from the start of the course to complete the eLearning including all certification requirements. We highly recommend moving into action much more quickly (you’ll get more out of the process if you jump in; we suggest planning to complete in 30 days. The 90 days is just in case you are unavoidably delayed.) If you are not sure on the requirements for completion, be sure to ask your facilitator so you can plan ahead.

In this program, you’ll learn about:

  • Social and Emotional Learning and its benefits
  • the youth version of the SEI called SEI YV — how it’s different, best practices, and ideas for application
  • the perspective YV assessment for adults


  1. Please explore these links for further details:

a) SEI YV and pYV the Six Seconds assessment for youth and the perspective YV for adults

b) Six Seconds SEI YV as one of the assessments chosen by CASEL for SEL in Action!

c) Access CASEL SEL assessments database to find the Six Seconds SEI YV!

  1. Read about the most relevant Research on SEL HERE and the Six Seconds Middle School climate research presented at AERA in 2016 HERE.
  2. Watch the inspire TedEx by neuroscientist Helen Immordino-Yang on embodied brains, social minds and learning HERE

You will need to be registered in this certification after passing the EQ Assessor. To register, please go to www.6seconds.org/reg – you will use your EQ.org account to access to the certification.

For help with registration, please email [email protected]

For technical assistance, please go to our helpdesk: [email protected] 

Once you are enrolled… you will be able to access the courses below to get started:

Complete all these pre-requirement(s) before proceeding to the certification content


In this robust blended program with over 40 hours of training, learning professionals add the best-in-class SEI toolkit to their repetoire to measure and develop emotional intelligenc...

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