This eLearning is designed for professionals enrolled in one of our Certification programs. In this course you’ll have the opportunity to review the Six Seconds Model and eight competencies and collect additional insights and resources on using the model to put EQ into action.


To explain, “what is emotional intelligence,” there are many powerful definitions of EQ/EI, and models such as Goleman’s or Mayer-Salovey’s. At Six Seconds, we have worked to answer a different question… instead of defining what it is, we’ve build the model as a process framework for “how to use emotional intelligence.”

The Six Seconds Model is a process framework for putting emotional intelligence into action through three simple steps. Within the 3 steps are 8 specific, learnable, measurable competencies.


The Six Seconds Model is powerful because it’s a process framework.  The 3 “pursuits” of KCG provide a meta process, and inside, the 8 competencies offer a detailed process.


Getting Started with EQ (article)

Introduction to the Six Seconds Model (article)


Try this exercise:

Think of a challenging situation  you had this past week.

Practice the pursuit of Know Yourself (ie, self-awareness) by asking yourself:  What were your thoughts? Your feelings?  Any patterns in these thoughts or feelings (can you recognize that you often have these)?

Reflect: How might Knowing Yourself help you with choices, decisions, and outcomes? What would it be like to be able to Know Yourself more?

Read the “Know Yourself” section of your own SEI report.  What insights can you generate? Share some thoughts with a friend or partner.


Download this short article: Six Seconds Model in brief (or click here for size A4).  (You might also want to save this 1 page version (or click here for size A4) as a handout).

The Eight Competencies

In the rest of this module, you’ll see a page about each competency.  You don’t need to study everyone on each page — choose your own adventure.


Download these posters of the 8 competencies and put them up around your office for reference as you work through the rest of this course.

(The posters are sized to print on A3 or Tabloid size paper, but you can shrink to fit regular paper).


In the rest of this eLearning, you’ll see videos, articles, resources and references to help you make sense of the eight competencies.

Plus, on www.6seconds.org there are articles about each competency, here’s a handy reference — click the name of the competencies below to see these 6seconds.org pages.

EEL: Enhance Emotional Literacy

RP: Recognize Patterns

ACT: Apply Consequential Thinking

NE: Navigate Emotions

EIM: Engage Intrinsic Motivation

EO: Exercise Optimism

IE: Increase Empathy

PNG: Pursue Noble Goals

Also note the acronyms – we use these often within Six Seconds, so it will be useful to know!

PS.  You can send the links above to clients.  Client: “Hey, I want to know more about that Consequences thing.” You, “Easy!  Here’s a collection of articles…”

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