Spheres of Power Module and Worksheet

This module helps you look at any issue with more clarity by separating it into different spheres of power: what you can control, what you can influence, and what is only an area of concern. It helps you focus your energy and attention more optimally. Includes a ppt slide and a worksheet with discussion questions.

Ride the Wave Exercise

In this module, participants each make an “emotion wave” and put them together to make a sea of emotions. This exercise helps deepen our appreciation of all emotions – even those traditionally thought of as negative – and healthy ways to navigate them. Designed to be used as a classroom activity but can be easily […]

Emotional Literacy: Finding the Wisdom

Every emotion is a message – but sometimes it’s hard to understand. This chart will help you learn about the purpose of different feelings. It includes a really nice reflection exercise to examine a time in the past when you have felt a specific emotion, and what purpose it was serving.

Wisdom Walk Words eBook

An opportunity to take a little time each day for greater awareness of self and others. Daily reflection for parents to explore and discuss with their child. These wisdom thoughts are not necessarily new, but seem to be lost in our current high tech, low touch, social media world.

The Gifts We Give – A Mindfulness Family Art Project

Keeping the lines of communication open in a loving, compassionate, and safe way can often be difficult in a family. Days fly by so fast and as the children grow they talk more and more to friends than to family. This family art project helps to open the lines of communication in a safe, open, […]

The Starfish Story

When we look at the problems of the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude and layers of complexity, whether it’s global warming, the plight of refugees, or acts of terrorism. This simple and uplighting story of a man and the sea of starfish reminds of the importance of doing with given what […]