Creating the Future with Emotional Intelligence – Workshop

What are your most important goals… what about for all of us? To get there, what will we need to strengthen on the inside? This active, fun workshop digs into big questions, and uses the Unlocking EQ Profile to support people to go from insight to action. The zip file includes PPTX slides and a […]

7 Step Guide to Expert Decision Making

Based on the latest neuroscience research, here are 7 fascinating insights into decision making that you can take advantage of to make better decisions than ever. For more on the research behind these tips, read this article:

Solomon’s Paradox Worksheet

Solomon’s Paradox is people’s tendency to reason more wisely about other people’s problems than their own. This worksheet is designed to help you overcome that tendency and look at a problem you’re facing with a fresh perspective. To read more about Solomon’s Paradox and the research behind it, check out this article:

Community Workshop for Personal Growth

This workshop is for certified EQ practitioners to deepen their understand of the science of community building and learn techniques for clarifying and building community in their own lives. This is the same workshop as Community Workshop for Grous, but the instructions in the speaker’s notes are for individuals.

Dunbar’s Number

British anthropologist Robin Dunbar has become famous for what is known as Dunbar’s number: the number of meaningful relationships that humans can have is about 150. Further research has expanded upon this original research by looking at the emotional closeness between people, and led to the idea known as Dunbar layers: that an individual’s group […]

Trabajando en el Aumento de Empatía

Este es un módulo breve de entrenamiento para trabajar en aumentar la empatía. Comienza con un video que muestra los pensamientos de un grupo diverso de personas en un hospital, este increíble video invita a la reflexión, y luego continúa con preguntas de seguimiento. Ideal para entrenadores, profesores o cualquier persona que quiera aumentar la […]

Nombrando Emociones para Domarlas, con Modelo de Plutchik

Josh Freedman, CEO de Six Seconds, creó esta presentación para explorar la neurociencia del nombrar emociones y usar una herramienta práctica para dar sentido a los sentimientos. Una forma fabulosa de trabajar en la habilidad EQ de mejorar la alfabetización emocional. Incluye el Modelo Plutchik y un ejercicio sobre el propósito de existir de los […]

Plutchik and Naming Emotions Workshop

Josh Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds, created this presentation to explore the neuroscience of naming emotions, and a practical tool to make sense of feelings. A fabulous way to work on the EQ skill of enhancing emotional literacy. Includes the Plutchik Model and an exercise about the purpose of different feelings.

Lezioni per l’ Apprendimento Socio Emotivo

In questa sezione avrete modo di scaricare, leggere ed utilizzare delle lezioni per l’Apprendimento Socio Emotivo (SEL) costruite sulla base del curriculum Self Science di Six Seconds. Attraverso le fasi del Motivare-Attivare-Riflettere sarete quindi poi in grado di preparare in modo autonomo le vostre future lezioni nelle vostre classi.

SEL Lesson – My Multicultural Self

This activity from Teaching Tolerance helps students see the different facets of their multicultural selves and how this influences how they see the world. Includes an activity worksheet for students to fill out. A very adaptable lesson that can be used for grades 3 to 12.

Business Case for EQ Intro Presentation

How do you introduce the business value of emotional intelligence? Here’s a powerpoint with speaker notes for a 30-60 minute introduction using three powerful business cases (all published on so read those for additional details — you can even hand out one or more for further discussion)