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A leading expert on enhancing emotional intelligence, a gifted teacher, inspiring writer, and Master Certified Coach, Joshua Freedman assists individuals and organizations to meet their highest goals.


One of the founders and Chief Executive Officer of Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, the world’s leading emotional intelligence development and advocacy organization, Joshua is one of a handful of people with over two decades of full-time, proven experience bringing emotional intelligence into practice.

A leader in the EQ movement, Joshua has developed EQ initiatives in over 25 countries. He co-developed Six Seconds’ EQ Certification Training which has been delivered on five continents to over 15,000 professionals seeking practical tools for learning and teaching emotional intelligence. In the words of Peter Salovey, President of Yale University and coauthor of the original seminal paper on emotional intelligence:

“A recognized authority on how to teach and learn emotional intelligence, Josh knows how to translate cutting-edge research into applicable tools.  His warm and engaging style makes him a favorite among diverse audiences.”

Joshua is author of the international bestselling At the Heart of Leadership as well as numerous books, validated assessment tools, curricula, papers and tools for putting emotional intelligence into action. He is a Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, and under his guidance, the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network has grown to reach changemakers in 157 countries and territories.

 Selected Presentations

Keynote Speaker, Intelligenzia Emotiva Practica Mente, Bologna, 3/18

Keynote Speaker, The World EQ Summit, Mumbai, 11/17

Keynote Speaker, The World EQ Summit, Dubai, 11/17

Keynote Speaker, EQ Gym, Shanghai, 11/17

Keynote Speaker, EQ Forum, Shanghai, 05/17

Keynote Speaker, EQ Forum, Shanghai, 07/16

Keynote Speaker, ExecSense CEO Series, online, 06/16

Keynote Speaker, Talents for the Future, Beijing, 05/16

Keynote Speaker, Congressional Hearing on Social Emotional Learning, Federal Congress of Brazil, Brasília, 05/16

Keynote Speaker, Coaching Change, Shanghai, 10/15

Keynote Speaker, Fidelity Security Leadership Team, Tokyo, 11/15

Keynote Speaker, Inspira for Women Leaders in India, New Delhi, 07/15

Keynote Speaker, WiRL Women’s Leadership Conference, Online, 05/15

Keynote Speaker & Chairman, Vitality, the 4th Annual Virtual EQ Conference, 03/15

Guest Lecture, EQ for Facilitation, Yokohama University, Japan 11/14

Keynote Speaker, TEDxYouth@SummitPrep, “Emotional what?” 10/14

Keynote Speaker, EQ Applications Conference, Tokyo, 06/14

Keynote Speaker, The Value of EQ, Skopje, Macedonia, 03/14

Keynote Speaker & Chairman, EQ Week 3rd Annual Virtual EQ Conference, 03/14

Keynote Speaker, TEDx Santa Cruz, 03/14

Keynote Speaker, EQ for Zappos IP Inc, Las Vegas, 12/13

Keynote Speaker, EQ Applications Conference, Tokyo, 11/13

Keynote Speaker, The Changemaker’s Lab, Menlo Park, CA, 10/13

Keynote Speaker, INTEL Leadership Conference, Santa Ana, 09/13

Keynote Speaker & Chairman, NexusEQ at Harvard Medical School, 06/13

Keynote Speaker, EQ Europe Conference, Brussels, 05/13

Keynote Speaker, Proctor & Gamble Senior Leadership, Rome, 03/13

Keynote Speaker & Chairman, EQ Week Virtual Conference, 03/13

Keynote Speaker, The Value of EQ Conference, Tokyo, 12/12

Keynote Speaker, EQ Indonesia Conference, Jakarta, 06/12

Keynote Speaker, EQ Europe Summit, Dublin, 05/12

Keynote Speaker, Karmabhumi Forum – Leading to India’s Future, 04/12

Keynote Speaker & Chairman, 24EQ, the first 24-hour virtual EQ conference, 07/12

Keynote Speaker, Living EQ Conference, Menlo Park, CA, 10/11

Keynote Speaker, Professional Coaches Mentors & Advisors (PCMA) San Francisco, 09/11

Keynote Speaker, Hasbro Toys Senior Leadership team, 05/11

Keynote Speaker, Gordon School of Business (GIBS), South Africa, 03/11

Keynote Speaker, Harvard Business School Negotiation and Leadership Conference, 04/11

Keynote Speaker, Emirates National Development Bank Senior Leadership team, 03/11

Keynote Speaker, People Performance & Emotional Intelligence in the Middle East, 03/11

Keynote Speaker, Implementing Social Emotional Learning conference, Singapore, 11/10

Master Trainer, United Nation Mission to Liberia (UMIL) EQ Certification, 06/10

Keynote Speaker, Manager (Chef) Magazine summit, Stockholm, 05/10

Keynote Speaker, EQ Asia conference, 11/09

Keynote Speaker, Lithuania Department of Education Senior Leadership, 05/09

Keynote Speaker, Wynn Macao Senior Leadership, 11/08

Keynote Speaker: Choose to Change Conference, San Jose, CA 10/08

Keynote Speaker: International Finance Corporation Connected Leaders Program, 9/08

Keynote Speaker, Hexagon Metrology Executive Leadership Retreat, AZ, USA, 1/08

Keynote Speaker, Lockheed Martin IS & GS Leadership Development, MD, USA, 1/08

Keynote Speaker, Lockheed Martin Executive Coach Conference, MD, USA, 12/07

Keynote Speaker, Professional Development Training Conference, CHC USN, Naples, Italy, 5/07

Keynote Speaker, Professional Development Training Conference, CHC USN, Camp Lejune, NC, USA, 5/07

Guest Lecturer, Alma Business School, Bologna, Italy, 2/07

Keynote Speaker, Professional Development Training Conference, CHC USN, San Diego, CA, USA 1/07

Keynote Speaker, Publishing House, Beijing, China, 12/06

Keynote Speaker, Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows conference, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA 10/06

Keynote Speaker, Product Assurance Offsite, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, San Jose, CA, USA, 10/06

Master Trainer, US Navy Chaplain Corps Spiritual Fitness Divisions, The Inside Path to Change, VA, USA 05/06

Keynote Speaker and Chair, NexusEQ Conference, Holland, 6/05

Keynote and Chair, Breakthrough Leadership Conference, Dubai, UAE, 5/05

Master Trainer, Selling with EQ, Schlumberger Information Services Annual Sales University, KL, Malaysia, 5/05

Featured Presenter, Global Market Analytics Annual Meeting, Pfizer, New Jersey, USA 1/05

Featured Presenter, ARAMARK, Las Vegas, USA, 1/05

Keynote, China International Intellectech Corporation, Shanghai, China, 10/04

Featured Speaker, Pella Corporation Leadership Institute, Iowa, USA 10/04

Keynote, EQ Leadership Institute, Pittsburg, PA, USA 9/04

Keynote, Senior Faculty and Administration, Fox School of Business, Temple University, PA, USA 7/04

Featured Speaker, MicroSociety Annual Conference, Florida, USA, 7/04

Chair, NexusEQ Conference, Florida, USA, 1/04

Master Trainer, Implementing EQ to Reduce Hospital Turnover, Louisville, KY, USA, 12/03

Keynote Presenter, EQ Leadership, Singapore, 10/03

Keynote Speaker, Ei(UK) Annual Conference, London, UK, 6/03

Chair, NexusEQ Conference, Halifax, Canada, 6/03

Keynote Speaker, CUDEC Inteligenica Emocional, Mexico City, Mexico, 9/02

Chair, Durban EQ Conference, Durban, South Africa, 6/02

Keynote Presenter, EQ for Performance, Town of Taos, New Mexico, USA, 2/02

Keynote Speaker, Bullets to Bullies, NYC, USA, 11/01

Keynote Presenter, Educating with Emotional Intelligence, Wales, UK, 2/99

Keynote Presenter, Educating with Emotional Intelligence, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2/99

Invited Speaker, State of the World Forum for Emerging Leaders, Monterrey, Mexico, 1/99

Keynote Speaker, The Emotional Intelligence Center, Singapore, 1/99

Featured Presenter, Proyectos LEAD Conference on EQ, Caracas, Venezuela, 11/98

Featured Speaker, California School Counselor Association, 10/98

Welcome Joshua Freedman! Here is your record of Six Seconds' Certifications

EQCC (EQ Coach Certification) United States,  Oct 2015 Active Marilynn Jorgensen
EQAC (EQ Assessor Certification) United States,  Jun 2005 Active Marilynn Jorgensen
FI (Facilitator Integration) Italy,  Apr 2019 Active Lorenzo Fariselli
UEQP (UEQ Profile) United States,  Aug 2018 Active Joshua Freedman
CEQF (Certified EQ Facilitator) Italy,  Oct 2018 Active Joshua Freedman
BPC (Brain Profile Certification) Virtual,  Jan 2016 Active Jenny Wiley
BPC (Brain Profile Certification) Virtual,  Jan 2016 Active Tommaso Procicchiani
UEQ (Unlocking EQ) United States,  Mar 2019 Active Joshua Freedman
EQAP (EQ Advanced Practitioner) Thailand,  May 2019 Active Joshua Freedman
EQLT (Living EQ Integration) China,  Sep 2019 Active Natalie 那塔莉
CCF (Coach Cert Foundations) United States,  May 2020 Active Muhammad Noman
CCI (Coach Cert Insights) United States,  May 2020 Active Marilynn Jorgensen
CCS (Coach Cert Solutions) United States,  May 2020 Active Muhammad Noman
EVS (Educational Vital Signs) Virtual,  Nov 2021 Active Kelli Tebbe
VS (Vital Signs Consultant Certification) United States,  Jul 2013 Active Joshua Freedman
EQFIT (EQFT) Virtual,  Jan 1970 Pending Steven Goodner
eLearning course(s) and percent completed

  1. iSEL: Why and How Social Emotional Learning Works 0 % Completed
  2. Brain Profiler Certification 100 % Completed
  3. Coach Cert Foundations 100 % Completed
  4. EQ Practitioner Certification (2017) 91 % Completed
  5. Vital Signs Certification 100 % Completed
  6. YVAC 33 % Completed
  7. InspirED Tools for Educators 4 % Completed
  8. My Brain Profiles 0 % Completed
  9. Parents EQ Full 0 % Completed
  10. EQ Facilitator Certification 100 % Completed
  11. EQ Advanced Practitioner 100 % Completed
  12. My Brain Talents 0 % Completed
  13. EQ Educator 91 % Completed
  14. Coach Cert Solutions 100 % Completed
  15. SEI 360 0 % Completed
  16. Educational Vital Signs (EVS) 100 % Completed
  17. The Six Seconds Model 0 % Completed
  18. Selling EQ 87 % Completed
  19. EQ Assessor Certification CORE 94 % Completed
  20. UEQ Unlocking EQ 100 % Completed
  21. EQ Practitioner CORE 100 % Completed
  22. Coach Cert Insights (English) 100 % Completed
  23. Facilitator Integration 100 % Completed
  24. UEQ Profile 100 % Completed
  25. EQ Leader TTT 100 % Completed
  26. Group Development Report (GDR) 0 % Completed
  27. EQ Educator 1 (EQE 1) 0 % Completed
  28. EQFIT® Sales Profile certification 10 % Completed
  29. Consultant Integration 0 % Completed
  30. Coach Cert Final Approval 0 % Completed
  31. Coaching Equity Essentials 100 % Completed
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