Video: EQ at the United Nations

Why is emotional intelligence important for the United Nations… and all of us? Here’s a 3-min excerpt from the first EQ conference at UN Headquarters showing the link between “being smarter with feelings” and achieving big goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals. Features Patty Freedman, Daniel Goleman, UN Undersecretary General, and Rich Fernandez

When Things FAIL: What Coaching Teaches Us About Conflict

This is an excerpt from Rooted in Grace: Essays on Dialogue Without Division. It’s an amazing book about how to have difficult conversations without devolving into animosity. This chapter is about the role of emotional intelligence and coaching in that process. It’s published by the Missional Wisdom Foundation, a Six Seconds Preferred Partner. In a […]

White Paper: Emotional Intelligence and Success

Numerous studies show that emotional intelligence scores predict performance on critical life success factors. How strong is this effect? This study examined over 75,000 individuals in a large, global database primarily composed of people in the workforce — and the findings strongly suggest that emotional intelligence is of critical importance in achieving success in these […]

Daniel Goleman on Wellbeing

What would happen if we could fully take charge of our own wellbeing? Six Seconds’ CEO Josh Freedman had the opportunity to sit down virtually with Daniel Goleman to talk about his newest book, Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body. This is a fabulous, insightful conversation on wellbeing and […]

The School Case for Emotional Intelligence

Why is emotional intelligence important for children, families, and educators? A Case for Emotional Intelligence in Our Schools ia a free eBook summarizing research on emotional intelligence improving learning, behavior, relationships, health, and wellbeing. This is for certified only; but anywhere can download the eBook from this page:

Tendencias Globales an Iinteligencia Emocional América Latina 2018

¿Qué está pasando con la inteligencia emocional (EQ) en el mundo actual? El Reporte State of the Heart proporciona nuevos datos sobre la inteligencia emocional de más de 200,000 personas en 160 países, revelando tendencias importantes de inteligencia emocional y bienestar.