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2016 Webinars

AHA! Presents a Master Class for Facilitators: Working with Youth. This presentation will discuss evidence based research of social emotional learning for teenagers in after school programs.

The 20-Minute Business Case for Emotional Intelligence. Learn how leading companies around the world, like FedEx, IBM and Intel, are using emotional intelligence to focus energy, enhance relationships, and improve performance by engaging people.

Business EQ Kits: 1-2-3 GO! Learn the essential ingredients to effectively implement emotional intelligence training for business. You will hear practical, relevant, research-based approaches to get started.

Coaching with Emotional Intelligence: A Foundation to Support Change. Coaching is a powerful process supporting the exploration of positive change- which takes thoughts, feelings and actions working together.

Creating an EQ School: Learning from Champions. Learn how to deepen an EQ or SEL commitment at your school.

Developing Organizational Talent with Emotional Intelligence. Emotions drive people. People drive performance. How do you develop emotionally intelligent organizations?

Energize Your Practice: Getting Certified in the Vital Signs Toolkit. Would you like to add a powerful set of assessment tools to your consulting or coaching practice? Learn how to become certified in Six Seconds’ Vital Signs toolkit, an integrated suite of assessments designed for coaches and consultants, and take your coaching to the next level.

EQ and Accelerated Leader Development. Discover the key areas of competence that can be significantly accelerated in the development of leaders in business.

EQ in Higher Ed: Using Emotional Intelligence to Boost Leadership & Student Success. Learn about the benefits of EQ to students, faculty, leadership and community.

Introducing SEL in Primary Schools: A Case from Italy. EQ is the missing component that our schools need to create future change makers. Take a look at this case from Rome, Italy.

Management Essentials: Improve People Performance with EQ. Learn what five skills research shows to be most important for managers, how emotional intelligence is used to strengthen those skills, and tools for implementation.

School Climate in Middle School: What Are Students Telling Us?  How to create a school climate that supports students to learn and grow in safety.

State of the Heart for Education: EQ at School and Home. Tracking global EQ trends since 2011, the State of the Heart reveals insights about EQ, education, and life around the world.

State of the Heart in Business: EQ and Performance. Tracking global EQ trends since 2011, the State of the Heart reveals insights about EQ, business, and life around the world.

State of the Heart: Global Trends in Emotional Intelligence. What’s the current state of emotional intelligence in the world? Learn about global EQ trends.

The Wisdom of EQ. Learn how you can use Six Seconds’ models and programs to enhance vitality in your personal and profession life through the wisdom of EQ.

Transformational Coaching with EQ: Intro to EQ Coach Certification. Coaching is a powerful process supporting the exploration of positive change- which takes thoughts, feelings and actions working together.

Using the Dashboard to Introduce Teams to EQ. Getting started with EQ training is sometimes the biggest hurdle, especially at the beginning when you need to introduce staff to the concept and create engagement. The Dashboard is a fantastic tool that can really help. In this webinar, learn about all the different aspects of the Dashboard and practice interpreting, discussing and comparing real cases.

Using Photography & Journaling to Identify & Honor Your Emotional Needs.  Learn how photography can be a creative tool to identify emotional needs and how journaling can help you refine it even more.

2015 Webinars

Beyond Inside Out. Dr. Erika Skita talks about the film Inside Out – the truths about emotions in the film, the message behind the story, and the role of EQ.

Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Politics and Diplomacy. This webinar takes the Six Seconds Model of EQ and applies it to the world of politics and diplomacy.

Coaching Movie. Join this webinar discussion about Coaching, the world’s first documentary about the coaching profession.

Creating the Future in Healthcare. Healthcare leadership coach Colette Herrick discusses how to break out of the problem reaction cycle and move toward a more outcomes focused mindset.

Discovering Talents: Using Brain Profiles for Students and Educators. Deepen your understanding of the Brain Profile tools and how they can be used to create a better learning environment at your school.

Emotional Intelligence, Gender and Leadership. This new research reveals surprising insights into gender equity and the unique leadership capabilities of women and men.

EQ Goes to College. Join us for an interactive session about the applications for emotional intelligence in the higher education setting.

Gender, Leaders & EQ. Joshua Freedman shares latest research on gender differences in EQ as applied to leadership.

How to Talk About Emotional Intelligence In Business. Joshua Freedman shares perspectives on how to make the case for emotional intelligence in business.

Measuring and Improving the Drivers of Organizational Performance. If you would like to learn more about how to measure and improve the key drivers of performance, attend this webinar on Vital Signs, our organizational model and suite of assessment tools.

Putting Your EQ to Work: Succeeding with Very Difficult People. Executive consultant Patrick Reilly discusses how to deal with abrasive coworkers by applying your emotional intelligence skillfully.

SEI 4.0 & People Management Toolbox. Learn about the latest advancements in EQ assessments.

Talents for Tolerance. In celebration of the UN’s International Day of Tolerance, Matt Perelstein leads this collaborative effort on sharing emotional intelligence — and adding our voices to call for a more compassionate, tolerant, and just world.

Talents for Tolerance. In celebration of the UN’s International Day of Tolerance, Jennifer Wiley leads this collaborative effort on sharing emotional intelligence — and adding our voices to call for a more compassionate, tolerant, and just world.

Telling Your EQ Story in 650 Words or Less. In this webinar we talk about how you can find the emotional or essential content in your EQ story, so that readers will respond.

The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Illness. Emotional Health Specialist Kim Knight, will explain how trapped emotional energy can affect our health, to the point of chronic illness if we fail to notice the internal feedback system of our emotional intelligence.

The Hidden Power Behind Our Thoughts and Feelings. Nela Joleska describes how to use emotional intelligence to unlock the hidden potential in our thoughts and feelings.

Training Emotionally Intelligent Managers. International hospitality expert Konstantinos Mougios discusses his pioneering work of teaching the Six Seconds EQ Model at The University Center’s Swiss Hotel Management School.

vitality15-e1419305355683Vitality 2015 – Emotional Intelligence in Business.  How to use EQ to improve leadership, sales, and organizational climate.

Vitality 2015 – Emotional Intelligence in Education.  Social emotional learning improves performance and reduces disruptive behaviors.

Vitality 2015 – Emotional Intelligence for Parenting.  EQ helps parents create more positive family relationships.

Vitality 2015 – Emotional Intelligence for Life.  How can individuals use EQ to increase balance, purpose, and quality of life?

Whole-Hearted Parenting: Increasing Empathy in a High Tech World. Join this lively discussion on the role that technology and parents should play in teaching kids empathy- based on Joshua Freedman’s new book, Whole-Hearted Parenting.

Whole-Hearted Parenting: Positive Social Skills Begins at Home. How can parents teach kids effective social skills?  How might you use family meetings to help your family: to express one’s ideas clearly, to take turns, to listen to each other emphatically, to harmonize different feelings, compromise, and create consensus?

Whole-Hearted Parenting: Power of Optimism and Hope in Parenting. Learn how to leverage the biochemistry of hopefulness and good spirits in parenting – based on Joshua Freedman’s new book, Whole-Hearted Parenting.


2014 Webinars

EQ Week 2014. Amazing collection of webinars are practical applications of emotional intelligence.



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