This is the elearning portion of the Vital Signs 1-1 Certification.

This process will guide you through learning the VS Toolkit, help you structure your interactions with your mentor/coach for the 1-1 sessions, and equip you to earn your VS Consultant Certification.

How do you measure the people-side of performance?

You will need to be registered in this certification. To register, please go to www.6seconds.org/reg – you will then receive an EQ.org account (if you don’t have one) and access to the certification.

For help with registration, please email [email protected]

For technical assistance, please go to our helpdesk: http://6sec.org/help

Once you have your account and are enrolled… you will be able to access the courses below to get started:

Complete all these pre-requirement(s) before proceeding to the certification content


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