This page contains all the downloadable files you’ll need for the SEI-YV certification, all in one place for later reference.

These documents are for your personal use only, except those marked with ♥ this symbol which means you have permission to share the file.



SEI-YV Manual (Assessor’s Guide)

♥SEI-YV Overview (brochure)

SEI-YV Project Timeline (word) (♥ok to share in client projects)

SEI-YV Sample

SEI-YV Micro case

YV Youth Case

Sample Parent Permission Form

Sample Instructions for SEI-YV  Administration

FOG poster

Education Case (This is a great resource for explaining research behind SEL and outcomes.) This file is for certified assessors only. In order to share this case with schools and other coaches and educators, please give people this blog post link, where they may fill out a short form and will immediately receive the full ED Case 2016 emailed to them.

SEI-YV Paper version (for your information only). Do not use with clients without discussion with course facilitator.

SEI-YV Certification Progress Checklist. Use this for keeping track of your goals to complete the course.


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