This is the eLearning portion of the EQ Assessor Certification.

In this program, you’ll learn about the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence, the SEI, and how to use these tools in the Six Seconds’ framework for coaching.  Together we’ll work on how these tools work with Six Seconds’ methodology for creating positive change.

How do you use effective measures to support people to practice emotional intelligence?

Included in this course is an opportunity to learn the SEI360 and the SEI Youth Version.

The eLearning process will help you prepare for the course, then follow through on the post-course requirements to complete your certification.

To take this eLearning, you need to be enrolled in the EQAC.  For help email Jenny Wiley or your course Mentor/Coach to enroll you.  [email protected]

The course outline is below.  Once you are registered, you can click Module 1, Unit 1 to start.

Module 1 EQAC Precourse
Getting ready for the EQ Assessor Cert!
Unit 1 EQAC Orientation
Unit 2 EQAC Why EQ?
Unit 3 EQ Intro
Unit 4 Take the SEI
Module 2 EQAC Classes
Attend the course
Unit 1 EQAC classes
Module 3 EQAC SEI Review
Review of SEI administration, psychometrics, process
Unit 1 EQAC Post-Course Process
Unit 2 Review the Model
Unit 3 Psychometrics
Unit 4 SEI Administration
Unit 5 EQAC Debriefing Recap
Unit 6 EQAC Practice
Module 4 EQAC Action
Finishing your cert and moving forward
Unit 1 Synthesis
Unit 2 SEI Applications
Unit 3 SEI Practicum
Unit 4 Next Steps
Unit 5 Completion
Unit 6 Celebration

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