What is emotional intelligence and why does it matter?


Watch this  1-minute definition of emotional intelligence video:


From the Six Seconds “Getting Started with Emotional Intelligence” page:

“We believe emotions are valuable signals that help us survive and thrive.  When we learn how to use them, emotions help us make more effective decisions, connect with others, find and follow purpose — and lead a more whole-hearted life.”


Emotions are chemical signals that can help us focus on what’s truly important, connect with others, and take positive action.  How?

Start with these three steps:

1. Tune in.    Notice your feelings and reactions.  Get off autopilot.  We call this step  Know Yourself

2. Respond.    Instead of reacting, give yourself a moment to de-escalate and evaluate options.  This is called  Choose Yourself

3. Connect.    Remember what’s truly important to you, consider others, and then move forward with those in mind.  This is  Give Yourself

Here’s a short video:

To learn more,  visit  Getting Started with Emotional Intelligence

7 responses to “Emotional Intelligence”

  1. It seems emotional intelligence . being able to embrace emotions because they are teaching us something is the first step towards healing. Love to bring this into the world in a bigger way and discuss this with you!!!

  2. Profile photo of Laura Laura says:

    I’m already excited to have tools with a “back story.” I never understood counting to ten. Or maybe it just felt like too much to ask under duress. Instead of just counting, I like the mindfulness of 123 kcg. Even if I start by just trying to remember what kcg means, it creates a positive disconnect and an effective guard against reacting on auto-pilot. Thanks!

    • Profile photo of Ghada-Shams Ghada-Shams says:

      Choosing yourself comes after many repeated trials and failures so we must not give up easily! We are like the school children learning how to recognize sounds associated with the letters , blending sounds in a word , pronouncing it processing its meaning in the sentence and in the larger context ! Very similar to the six seconds model.Knowing yourself requires really being capable in emotional literacy!

  3. Profile photo of Nanda Kumar Nanda Kumar says:

    It seems EI is the ability to use them appropriately for positive outcomes. The challenge seems to be to learn the “HOW” part and it can come only through applying what is learned.

  4. For me de most difficult part as an educator is to learn how on myself so i can teach it

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