The Neuroscience of Trust

This white paper and slideshow (with speaker notes) break down all the latest and most fascinating research about trust, including Six Seconds’ recent global survey of the workplace. Are leaders and front line employees on the same page about how much trust exists at the company? Do trust levels make a measurable difference on performance? […]

Vital Signs Toolkit Customizable Brochure

The Vital Signs toolkit is a suite of integrated organizational assessment tools. Based on a powerful organizational model, the assessments measure key climate drivers and outcomes for leaders, teams, and organizations as a whole. These tools are administered by certified consultants who work with their clients to improve leadership and organizational performance. This customizable brochure […]

Values and Viewpoints

FIRST ACTIVITY (10 min) Hand out a stack of Values to each person. (Templates for 3 different types of cards attached; online version available on the download section. Go through all of the values and choose the top 20 that are most important to you in your everyday life. Break that group of 20 down […]

Chapter: U Turn Your Life – 5 Simple Steps to Achieve Success Starting Now!

First chapter on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE from ‘5 Simple steps that I took to pull myself out from severe health problem. Steps that you can apply to literally, ‘U Turn Your Life’. From Zeeshan Raza The full book is on Amazon here: