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Vital Signs Toolkit Customizable Brochure

The Vital Signs toolkit is a suite of integrated organizational assessment tools. Based on a powerful organizational model, the assessments measure key climate drivers and outcomes for leaders, teams, and organizations as a whole. These tools are administered by certified consultants who work with their clients to improve leadership and organizational performance. This customizable brochure is available for use by VS-certified consultants to promote this scientifically-grounded toolkit.

This download is a Zip file including the brochure in 3 versions:
.pdf so you can see how it's supposed to look
.pages for editing on a mac **
.pptx for editing on mac or windows
Sometimes when files are opened on different computers / different versions, the files look whacky. If you use a Mac, try the .pages version... but if it doesn't look good (or you don't use .pages) then there is a powerpoint version for easy editing!
Vital Signs Toolkit Customizable Brochure
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