The Yacht of BEING

This image represents the beauty and the power that resides in every person. We are already this magnificent yacht. We are already beautiful and powerful; we need to affirm it in ourselves and in others. We are riding the waves of our life, but we have tools to help us stay in balance. The dock […]

Wisdom Walk Words eBook

An opportunity to take a little time each day for greater awareness of self and others. Daily reflection for parents to explore and discuss with their child. These wisdom thoughts are not necessarily new, but seem to be lost in our current high tech, low touch, social media world.

The Gifts We Give – A Mindfulness Family Art Project

Keeping the lines of communication open in a loving, compassionate, and safe way can often be difficult in a family. Days fly by so fast and as the children grow they talk more and more to friends than to family. This family art project helps to open the lines of communication in a safe, open, […]

The Starfish Story

When we look at the problems of the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude and layers of complexity, whether it’s global warming, the plight of refugees, or acts of terrorism. This simple and uplighting story of a man and the sea of starfish reminds of the importance of doing with given what […]

Peppy Pals Beach – Friendship Adventure

Peppy Pals apps and books is a playful way to teach kids about empathy, emotions, cooperation, problem-solving and friendship – also known as social and emotional intelligence. In this app, five quirky animal friends go on exciting adventures and learn about emotions and friendship!

Expanding Your Child’s Circle of Empathy

If we wish to nurture tomorrow’s change-makers today, we must start with enhancing empathy in all children. Every child is born with the ability to empathize. When they are young, their circle of empathy starts small. As they grow, parents can help to increase empathy through three stages on a continuum: developing, practicing and expanding […]

7 Tools to Help Your Child Deal with Conflict

When we are receptive to multiple perspectives, it leads us to less conflict and animosity in our interactions, and allows allowing creativity and innovation to show up for us. Learning how to deal with conflict creates an ideal environment in which to solve some of the more challenging problems we face.

EQUCD Better World Posters

Two beautiful posters to print and share in every classroom and family about using emotions and emotional intelligence for a better world. Created for Universal Children’s Day, these important messages about emotions and decision-making support a world where children’s rights are fully realized.

Peppy Pals Farm – Friendship Adventure

Join five quirky animal friends on exciting adventures and learn about emotions and friendship. Peppy Pals’ award-winning apps help children ages 2 to 8 learn about social and emotional intelligence without language or text. This app is available as a free download for EQ Children’s Day!

How to Connect with Your Child Every Day

At the end of each school day, when you ask your child, “How was school today?” you probably get a predictable answer. Here are some simple tips on how to ask questions that will yield answers beyond the typical response, “Fine.” and open up pathways for daily connections that are foundational to the parent child […]