Feeling Bodies Kit

In this kit, you will find a guide for teachers and parents, reflection worksheets for kids, and a poster! Includes two worksheets – one for kids 3 to 7 years and one for kids 8 to 12. The guide provides key insights on emotions as well as guiding questions for further exploration.

The 10 Commitments: Parenting with Purpose

Become the parent you always wanted to be! This ebook contains straight talk about what it means to be a committed parent in today’s world. It will challenge you and make you a more effective parent. It will help you reduce stress in your parenting life and bring increased harmony to your family.

Sleep Meditations for Kids

Created for children of all ages by leading British Yoga teacher Christiane Kerr, this high quality audio guides children to the creative part of their mind through a number of carefully scripted story meditations. Each meditation story has an underlay of subtle sound effects and gentle music which, combined with Christiane’s calming voice, will help […]

Really Caring

In this short video, photojournalist Dewitt Jones talks about the power of really caring – for the people we work for, the people we work with, and the very work itself — and how it’s the basis for creativity… and creating a better world. This video is free to watch online until Nov. 21st. 2016

Wisdom of Feelings Worksheet

Emotions serve to direct our attention and to motivate us – they provide valuable data about the world. This worksheet outlines the basic purpose of each emotion, and reminds us that there are not good and bad emotions, only different, but equally valuable, messages.