Vitality. Planning the 4th Annual Virtual EQ Conference

Emotions are energy. How do we harness this vital force to spark positive change?  Join this project to help plan the 4th annual virtual conference. Last year we had over 20,000 signups for sessions at the virtual conference.  Can we double it this year?  The project team will have several web meetings to add insight to t

Parents' EQ 101 Phase 2

What do parents need to know about emotional intelligence? We're collaborating to create a free course for parents -- join to help write the content! In our first project, we surveyed and determined a focus, then defined an outline.  EQ 101 for Parents focuses on parenting children 5-8 years old, supporting parents to creat

Got an idea?

What project would you like to see for practicing & sharing EQ?  It can be focused on work, home, school, life... it can be individual or collaborative... it can be focused on self-development or on teaching/sharing... Tell us your idea!   What would help YOU practice & share EQ? And... tell us the role you want

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What’s New in Emotional Intelligence?

Resources & Downloads

Have A Terrible Habit? 6 Experts Tell You How to Break It

It's the bad habit you're ignoring that is keeping you from success. @KevinJDaum

Happiness: The Most Obvious Sign You’ve Put Yours on The Shelf

Finding happiness in your refrigerator @josephgulfo

10 Huge Time-Wasting Mental Habits

Need more time? Eliminate these common but surprising time-wasters. @Sales_Source

Why Failure Hurts – and How to Use it To Help -

Why Failure Hurts – and How to Use it To Help - via

Upcoming Events

23 Oct 2014 - 24 Oct
Windsor, UK
02 Nov 2014 - 06 Nov
Dubai, UAE
04 Nov 2014 - 05 Nov


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