Now that you’ve finished your CCS in-person, it’s time to review your action plan for completing your ICF and Six Seconds Certifications.

In CCF, you received a handout checklist to complete your requirements. If you don’t have it handy, download it here — print it out, and check off what’s done!

ICF ACC Requirements

Log 100+ Hours

In CCF, we asked you to start your coaching log. How’s that going? Reminder…  here is a sample, if you didn’t already, copy the contents into your own Google Sheet or spreadsheet, and fill in your hours.

75% of these hours need to be paid (any amount, including trade). If you need help getting hours, Six Seconds is happy to pay you (a very small amount) to coach participants in courses such as the EQ Educator, or individuals in our community projects such as EQ Children’s Day.

ICF Application & CKA

Once you’ve finished the requirements on the checklist, it’s time to apply to ICF for your ACC or PCC! (You’ll need your certificate from Six Seconds — once you’ve done with this eLearning course, you’ll get that.)

There is a test you’ll need to take called the Coach Knowledge Assessment. We’ll prepare for this in the last post-course CCS online meeting, and your Mentor Coach will be glad to discuss this with you.

Six Seconds Requirements

As you discussed in CCS, in addition to completing this course, your last step is a case study. This case documents that you are integrating the Six Seconds methodology and are moving toward mastery. If you are able to get permission to share your case publicly (changing names to protect confidentiality), we’d love to consider it for publication on