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What Students Need Continuum

I was just with a group of teachers and I did an activity where I asked them to think about what was challenging to them and "vote" by standing on a continuum from "technical" on one site to "emotional" on the other. Then got some examples of challenges.

Then I asked them to think about the challenges their students are facing and do the same thing.

Could do this with post-its instead:

Think about your students, what are the 3-4 MOST IMPORTANT lessons for them to learn right now in order to be successful in your class and in their lives. Write 1 per post-it.

Now: come up to the board and post your post-it on this continuum (technical --- emotional) -- if the need is purely technical, it will go on the far left, for example "how to hold a pencil." If it's purely emotional, it will go on the far right (for example, how to manage disappointment).


Where do you see most of the issues?
Where do we tend to focus our time and energy as teachers?
How do we help them meet those needs?
What do we need to learn in order to better help them with these needs?

- Josh
What Students Need Continuum
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