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Values Exchange

A variation on Six Seconds' Value Sort, give each person a set of values and ask them to walk around and exchange values with people, for example could be

- people who exemplify this value

- people who would like to have the value can ask for it + discuss how to put it in action

Attached is a different variation of exchanging value cards where you're working to get the set you want... Download Values_Exchange.doc (I don't know who provided this, from old Cert site)

Note: If you go to an office store like staples you can buy card stock for printing your own business cards - and print values on those. Or, even easier, start by handing out around 8 small cards per person and asking them to write a different value on each card (one of their values or a value in general) - you can collect and mix up the cards and have people draw however many needed for the exercise.

In debrief I suggest focusing on

How do you know when you're choices are in alignment with your values?
What does it look like to put your top values into action?
How does someone learn what their values are?
How can you reinforce key values in your team, organization, classroom, or family?

- josh
Values Exchange
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