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Stepping into My Shoes

I adapted the masks activity to be shoes and have found it to be very good with adults. Sometimes I find that adults get a bit confused about the concept of a ‘mask’ as they rationalize that this is fake, but have no issues with the shoes. I’ve attached for you how I use the activity and the process handout for participants. I imagine that this would work best (and perhaps only work) at the deepest level with an intact work team and I have used it many times for teams and it has been a profound and wonderful experience for all.

With an intact team it can take up to 4 hours. If you look at the instructions I’ve put in for how to use it, you’ll see that you can easily scale the sharing down and make it fit for your group. By the way, if you do get to do with an intact team, buying white canvas sneakers for them to decorate, paint and use is really great, especially when they give them away at the end.

Best of fun,
- Catherine

Catherine Bate
'growth with authenticity'
Stepping into My Shoes
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