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Outstanding Mirror Neuron vid from Nova

I taped this piece from Nova's "Science Now" and edited it down a little - still a bit long @ 7 minutes - does an fabulous job introducing Mirror Neurons and the fact that we are "Wired to Connect."

Suggest you use for Empathy showing that it's not a "soft squishy" thing but part of our basic biology.

Some questions you might ask:

How does this system affect learning?

What are the implications for leadership / selling / counseling / etc?

When the narrator is walking down the street carrying the boxes, why are people so engaged? What does there response tell you about people? Do you see this dynamic occuring in your organization?

If people are this attuned to you, are you 100% satisfied with the signals you're "imprinting" on their brains?

- J

NOTE: Please do NOT distribute this, it's copyrighted by Nova.
Outstanding Mirror Neuron vid from Nova
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