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Observation Building Blocks.

Write-up of the Observation exercise from EQ Certification, created by Anabel Jensen. This is an exercise where some people build a building while others observe. Includes several variations.

Written by Liz Moseley


Recognize patterns for individuals or a group - e.g., for an intact team to notice their dynamics, or for individual team members to notice how they are supporting or undermining group efficacy

Leadership - e.g., identifying different roles and needs, helping to clarify the importance of noticing emotions and reactions

Feedback, coaching, mentoring, performance management - e.g., start with some training on what makes feedback effective, then during exercise the "observer" role is changed to "coach" - then practice the feedback in a coaching or performance improvement context

Emotional literacy - e.g., improving team or cross cultural communication, in discussion of activity focus observations on feelings of participants... what assumptions might keep you from accurately identifying feelings... how can accurate appraisal of feelings improve understanding and problem solving?
Observation Building Blocks.
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