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Group Intro on Reactions & Purpose

Submitted by Lisa Moore (EQC July 2012)

Last week while facilitating Coaching for Performance I had the group do an activity to kick the session off. Instead of the customary who are you and what do you hope to get from the course discussion, I had them:

1) Get a piece of paper,
2) Reflect on times when they are not at their best, just not having a good day.
3) They then were to jot down what thoughts were in their mind at the time (i.e. Why did they give me this job, I suck at it),
4) Then jot down what actions they exhibit when they are thinking that way (i.e. I retreat and close my office door and don’t interact with others).
5) I then asked them to think about why they applied for the manager position, they were to jot down the answer to the question, “what do you want as a manager”.
6) They then shared in triads and as a whole group.
It was an aha moment for the participants to see the correlation of how they think and act as directly impacting their ‘noble goal’ as a manager. We referenced back to their “what they want” throughout the two days as a benchmark for deciding on their actions… will this action help you achieve your want/goal? Loved it!

Lisa Moore

Sr. Learning and Talent Management Specialist
FedEx Services
Group Intro on Reactions & Purpose
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