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Brochure Template – Business Value of EQ

How do businesses use EQ to create value? For our certified who work in business sector, this is an example brochure you can use to introduce Six Seconds' method. This brochure was created for you to edit.

Please change the logo and contact information on 2nd page to yours.

Note: There are two files attached, a Word and PDF. The word is there for easy editing or translating... however, sometimes word looks "funny" so also attaching the PDF of how it's supposed to look.

We do not have explicit permission for use of company logos in this way, these are examples of companies using EQ. Each who uses this brochure needs to evaluate if appropriate for you to use these logos, or to select different logos/examples that are suitable.

IF YOU translate this brochure, please email a Word copy to [email protected] so we can have it on file for others.
Brochure Template – Business Value of EQ
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