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Bridges: How are you built?

I thought of this exercise as a way to help people reflect on vision, values, and purpose.

Objective: Begin to develop a Noble Goal and/or vision.


1) Selection of bridge images posted around room (EG: )

2) Post it notes

Table or group discussion — these bridges are metaphors of people with different visions. Discuss three bridge images and for each, write a few positive attributes or benefits of someone who is "like this bridge" – one per post-it and put near the picture.

Individually – go and select the image that represents you and your vision.

Write: Why did you choose this bridge?
Discuss with someone nearby:

1) What are the strengths of this vision?

2) What are some risks in this vision?

Go back to your table and write:

1) If you are like this bridge, what are some of the things you will do and be?

2) What is one aspiration or goal represented by this image that you are committed to making part of your life starting now?

Then discuss at tables or as a group.

If you try this, please let me know how it goes and any improvements!!

- Josh
Bridges: How are you built?
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