This tutorial equips you to use the Brain Profiles — powerful tools to put emotional intelligence into your work in schools with students and adults.

This free online course will orient you to the Brain Brief Profile, Brain Talent Profile, Brain Discovery Profile — and the Dashboard for both youth and adults. These are remarkable tools because the provide a simple, powerful way to bring EQ into the educational community, yielding increased insight, collaboration, and engagement.

The focus is for educators using the tools to improve vision, student success, collaboration, connection, motivation, and  school climate.

How do you use EQ to improve the success of students and teachers alike?

Get started with the Profiler eLearning:


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Optionally… Buy Credits

In the course, you’ll learn how to use the Brain Profiles.  To actually administer the assessment, you need credits.  The best option is to purchase the Starter Kit for just $88 with enough credits to practice some Brain Brief and Brain Talent Profiles with both adults and youth. (as you’ll learn in the course, the Profiles range from $4-12 ea and there is a quantity discount).

SEI-AV-LOGONote: If you already are SEI Certified, you don’t need a different account, you already have access to the Profiles.


Once you have your account and are enrolled… you will be able to click on the titles of the units in the outline below to get started:

Module 1 Brain Brief
Unit 1 Brain Style Intro
Unit 2 Brain Brief Profile
Unit 3 BBP Applications
Module 2 Brain Talent
Unit 1 Talents for the Future
Unit 2 The Brain Talent Profile
Unit 3 BTP Applications
Module 3 Discovery & Dashboard
Unit 1 The Brain Discovery Profile
Unit 2 The Dashboard
Module 4 Profiles with Youth
Unit 1 Using Brain Brief Profiles for Youth
Unit 2 Using Brain Talents for Youth
Unit 3 Using Dashboards for Youth
Unit 4 Next Steps

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