Using the Brain Brief Profile

Six Seconds’ Brain Brief Profile provides valuable data on people’s strengths and weaknesses. These slides compare two candidate’s profiles and discuss who would be a better fit for the position- a great way to familiarize yourself with these amazing tools!

Tapping Team Talents

This mini-workshop is designed to help team members recognize differences among them, how to use their own talents, and how to use others’ talents. With the help of the Brain Discovery Profile, each person will learn more about their individual strengths and challenges and learn tools for tapping into everyone’s talents in team settings. For […]

The Brains for Innovation

In this three hour workshop you’ll use the Brain Brain Profile to introduce EQ, and look at Recognizing Patterns and Exercising Optimism as two key EQ competencies for innovation. Topics: What is innovation? Neuroscience of Stuck EQ Tools for Spark This module is available to Certified EQ Practitioners with a Premium membership.