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Experience why, what, and how EQ works & Six Seconds’ research-based methods & tools. EQ drives effectiveness, relationships, quality of life and wellbeing. These learnable, measura...


In-depth experiential training equips professionals to practice EQ to effectively integrate Six Seconds' methods and model in their personal and professional work.


In this robust blended program with over 40 hours of training, learning professionals add the best-in-class SEI toolkit to their repetoire to measure and develop emotional intelligenc...


The VS Certification equips organizational development professionals use Vital Signs to measure the people-side of performance. This highly practical program includes virtual learning...


Apply the skills and insights from EQ Core with the power of the Vital Signs toolkit to build buy-in for organizational transformation


Diagnose organizational issues; design and implement EQ solutions. Earn “Certified EQ Consultant” professional designation representing advanced expertise in the transformational ...

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