Welcome to iSEL Module 1: The Case for SEL: Educating the Heart

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What would happen if all children learned to understand emotions and use them effectively?

Why do we care?  Take a look at the video below.

The key objective of this module:  Increase awareness of SEL and its value

Since this is the start of the course, here’s some tips!

iSEL Modules & Units

“Module” refers to a major topic, divided into several “units.” You can see the outline tab (above) or view the outline to the right to see there are six modules in iSEL.

In iSEL, each module includes several units. In each module, there is:

Intro (you’re on the intro to Module 1)

  • The Intro provides an overview of the whole module, guiding questions, and a place to download the assignments.

Several units of key concepts and skills. Each unit has 3 tabs:

  • Intro – overview of the unit and explanation of the videos (further down the page)
  • Action – something to try, a project to work on, and more links to explore.
  • Bios – background on the people in the videos.
  • Some units also have a Classroom tab – exercises to try with students



    • welcome discussionAssignments in iSEL are in the form of discussion posts. You’ll be directed to a particular discussion prompt to complete your assignment. All discussions in each module are in the Unit labeled Discussion, so you can go back and forth between the Content units and the Discussion unit, where everyone will post their comments and reply to each other as well.
    • You may be wondering where to post your discussions? After the prompt, if you scroll to the very bottom, you’ll see a form like the one to the right.Write your discussion in the blank space under the grey line and check Notify Me if you want emails when others respond. That’s it! Click the Submit button.
  • To finish each module, answer any final questions in the Feedback Unit. Be sure to submit and you’re done! Click the  Next Unit button.

Wow! So much material…

iSEL is designed as a self-guided exploration. We don’t expect you to watch every video, read every article, do every assignment. Instead, we suggest that in each module:

  1. Read the module introduction
  2. Choose at least two units in the module that are most interesting to you and explore them. Use the “Action” tab to put the ideas into the real world.
  3. Share your experiences by posting in the Discussion unit of each module. Then, if you have time and energy, we hope you will do the remaining units in the module.


iSEL Discussion group

In iSEL, you’ll join your own discussion group each week for each module. In iSEL Independent, you’re welcome to drop in on an iSEL Independent session once a week.  Since each of you will have explored different parts of that module, you can have a rich, engaging discussion with different perspectives on the module.

You may then be inspired to look at other units within the module… or you can move onto the next module!

Module 1 The Case for SEL: Educating the Heart
Unit 1 Case - Intro
Unit 2 Vision of Education
Unit 3 SEL and Success
Unit 4 SEL and Academics

  1. What are the core purposes of education – what is success?

  2. Why is SEL important? What are the experiences we want for students and for teachers that support education?

  3. How do EQ skills help build essential relationships that make learning effective? Why are relationships such a key ingredient?

In each “unit” you’ll see assignments in the form of discussion prompts for you to respond to. These discussions will help you to engage with the content and practices from this section of iSEL and with your fellow participants.  When you complete the discussion posts for an assignment, please also try to respond to someone else’s post as well. What do you agree with? What did it make you think about? What would you add?

To complete each module, you’ll need to do a minimum of two units and two discussion posts, which can be brief, or longer if you have a lot to share. 

When you have completed this unit, mark as done.

Why are we creating iSEL? One Billion for EQ!