To integrate SEL in the school, we need to engage all stakeholders — students, teachers, leaders, and parents.  This raises a key question:

How does SEL help parents?

Cindy Handler, an emotional intelligence expert who works extensively with parents, will share five powerful tips.  Next we’ll hear from Sue McNamara, Six Seconds’ Regional Network Director for Asia, who shares some findings from her doctoral work on this topic.

Below are two short videos from dads.  Massimiliano Ghini is the Director of the Center for Innovative Management, and Joshua Freedman is Six Seconds’ CEO.

Try this!

Consider a challenge you have or have had with your children. What EQ competency(s) might help you to reframe that challenge into an opportunity? Practice tonight!


Interview 3-6 parents about being a parent:  What do you love about being a parent, and what do you find most challenging?  If they don’t mention it, ask the parents about the emotional roller coaster of parenting.  What creates conflict between you and your child?  How do you feel about this?

Given your experience with social emotional learning, what emotional intelligence skills would be helpful for these, and other, parent?  Summarize.

Use the discussion prompt labeled: iSEL Parenting Interviews to share your summary.


Additional reading related to this topic:

Cindy Handler

Cindy Handler is Six Seconds’ Regional Network Director for the US-West.  In addition to her work leading the implementation of emotional intelligence in all sectors, she is an Emotional Intelligence coach and presenter for kids, families, & communities.

Cindy’s passion for helping families to thrive spans a 15-year career in family counseling and community service. Her background also includes more than a decade as an expressive arts facilitator and art instructor for youth. Cindy is committed to creating action-based EQ programming that empowers people to authentically express themselves, connect deeply with others, and make optimal life choices.


Sue McNamara

Regional Network Director, Asia Pacific

Sue McNamara has over 20 years of experience in the field of leadership and training and over 15 years in the field of education.  She is passionate about supporting organisations to create climates where people thrive: Schools where students are encouraged and supported to flourish and mature as human beings, who will positively contribute to their own lives, their families, their workplaces and society; businesses where people “bring their whole selves” to work, with passion, purpose, and high performance.

Sue works with leaders, educators, and change makers in education, business, and community organizations to integrate emotional intelligence into their programs.  She advocates an evidence-based approach blending strong data with practical processes to improve learning and application of EQ skills.

Her work in education focuses on school-wide implementation of emotional intelligence – from measuring and developing student EQ, to supporting teachers and caregivers to create a positive climate for learning.  Projects range from introductory programs to raise awareness through to multi-year implementations to create an optimal climate for learning.

Likewise, in business and government, Sue supports change makers to go from introducing EQ as a performance driver, to integrating emotional intelligence into organizational systems and structures.  Projects include assessment, strategic planning, customized program development, and train-the-trainer processes to build capacity.

Sue is a SEI Master Trainer and a member of Six Seconds’ Advanced Practitioner group and holds a Bachelor of Education Honours, First Class. She is currently completing a Ph.D. in Education, investigating the relationship between teacher/student and parent/child emotionally intelligent behaviours.  In addition Sue also holds qualifications in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Tertiary Education, Advanced Child Protection, Neuro-Lingusitic Programming, Business and Finance. Sue has lived and worked in the Asia Pacific region for fifteen years.


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