In this module we will focus on applying the ICF Competencies in categories A & B specifically in business — and in your business as a coach.


In coaching in business, one of the key challenges in Setting the Foundation is establishing a value proposition. In other words: Why would a client pay for coaching?

Whether you work inside an organization, or you are looking for clients from the general public… you need to gain an agreement to work together. Your job in Setting the Foundation with a potential client is to help connect the dots between their need and your service.

In this segment of the course, we will explore the process of coaching-based-sales looking at three steps:

  1. Connecting

  2. Discovering

  3. CommittingScreen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.39.25 PM

This is a kind of coaching process in itself, where you build a relationship (connecting), understand the business needs (discovering), and make an agreement to work on those needs (committing).



Here’s coach, speaker, and sales expert Ray Phoon speaking on the art of selling. In what ways is the process aligned with your understanding of coaching, and in what ways is it different?





To continue thinking about this approach, read this article on SPIN Selling and consider the questions that they are recommending in the sales process. Again, how are these like and different from coaching questions?



For your practice coaching hours — and for building your coaching practice — you need clients. Start by identifying people you already know. Create a chart with at least 10 “prospects” — people who you can connect with. For now, just list the person’s name and contact, the link (how you know or know of this person) and what you think they need.

Who Trust Funnel Link Needs Offer Next Due
Joe Smith <[email protected]> 1 Connect Sally Jones Sally, Joe said we have a “Leadership mess” Proven process for leadership based on latest brain science Get intro from Sally 8/18



Online Class

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