When and how EQAC certified Assessors might use the SEI LTC

EQAC certification is a pre-requisite for debriefing the SEI LTC, as it is a Level B Psychometric assessment.

There are many occasions when the SEI LTC will be useful:

  • Prior to any change initiative to assess the Change Readiness of individuals
  • Prior to any change initiative to help people to better understand change
  • Grow leadership capability to lead well through change
  • Grow the qualities and leadership behaviors seen in AGILE leadership
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Organizational culture initiatives – to build trust and inspired leadership at all levels
  • Value add to any Coaching engagement
  • Pre and post measure of success (individual coaching and extended leadership programs) – ROI
  • Significant Development opportunities lie within this report – debriefing it may occur within one (1) session or extend over a few sessions (No Way is The Way) to give the client the opportunity to do some of the Reflections


Alison Lalieu interviewing Tommaso Procicchiani, Six Seconds about Next Steps.

Alison would like to thank Tom for his unwavering support in the development of this report. Many of you have questions abound the tool, and Next Steps.

1.How to access this tool?

2.How many questions there are now in the SEI LTC survey?

3.Are the questions any different from the SEI Leadership report?

4.How to apply for your ACE Units?

5.Who will be doing the SEI LTC debriefs?


Steps to apply for your ACE units

Unit summary

Three (3) questions for you to reflect on:

1.In what situations can you see the SEI LTC as being a valuable tool to use?

2.How are you intending to integrate it into your EQ practice?

3.How equipped do you now feel to navigate change yourself, as well as introduce the concept of  ‘Leading Through Change’ to others after this eLearning experience?

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