Growing awareness of the Development opportunities within the SEI LTC

In designing the new report, Alison has provided Development opportunities to enrich the debriefing experience.

There are many ways in which they can be used.

Some options include:

  • As a resource to embed learning following the debrief
  • For clients to work through Development pages as homework between coaching sessions
  • For leaders to use as a framework to develop others in their teams


Alison Lalieu highlights the Development Opportunities within the SEI LTC Report, and how to grow a Coaching approach in your client(s).

Supporting your client to move forward through setting of an Action Plan

The learning philosophy 1,2,3 PASTA! Is helpful when it comes time to set Actions.

Clients are encouraged to move from awareness to action.

Feelings of anticipation and excitement motivate action, and curiosity sparks thinking about a range of options.

The Action Plan page in the SEI LTC report follows an Engage, Activate, Reflect format to keep the flow of the EAR theme across the whole of the report.

Unit summary

Three (3) questions for you to reflect on:

1.How do you envision introducing your clients to the Development opportunities within this report?

2.How will you explain to your client the importance of growing a Coaching approach in their leadership, and the impact this would have on others?

3.What do you think of the Engage, Activate and Reflect approach to the Action Plan?

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