What are the essential practices for social emotional learning (SEL)?  How can we, as educators, model SEL, measure it, and integrate it into the culture of our classroom and school?

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isel-water-lily200What are the essential skills students need to thrive?  While education focuses on cognitive skills, research shows that social and emotional skills are also essential.  Increasingly, teachers see this value; in a recent study, teachers overwhelmingly agreed that social emotional skills are the missing piece to improve student outcomes and transform our schools.

The question is now: how can you put this into practice in your classroom?

Educators are invited to join this ground-breaking online course Introduction to Social Emotional Learning (iSEL). Collaborate with fellow teachers from all around the globe as you learn key ingredients of social emotional learning from many of the world’s top scientists and practitioners pioneering this field.

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As you can see on the right, there’s a menu with six “modules” (such as Why SEL, Integrating SEL, etc).

Inside each module are several “units” with videos, activities, articles, and projects.  In each module, you will explore all the units and and choose to go more deeply in some  (catch a video, read an article, do a project… any order you like).

Complete two or three brief discussion posts in the Discussion Unit in each module to move to the next module. Discussion links are also accessible from the discussion prompts within each unit. A certificate of completion will be sent to all who complete the six modules, including the feedback “quiz” final unit in each module.

3. Join the dialogue

Come join our optional  weekly online meetings to go deeper into any of the topics or discuss any questions about SEL. When there are discussions scheduled, you’ll see an invite in the right-hand column of every iSEL page.  These discussions offer a fabulous way to engage with other educators and caregivers committed to putting social emotional learning into action.

Module 1 The Case for SEL: Educating the Heart
Unit 1 Case - Intro
Unit 2 Vision of Education
Unit 3 SEL and Success
Unit 4 SEL and Academics
Module 2 Integrating SEL
Unit 1 Integrating SEL - Intro
Unit 2 SEL & Curriculum
Unit 3 SEL & Bullying
Unit 4 SEL & School Counseling
Unit 5 SEL & Character Education
Module 3 Individual Skills
Unit 1 Skills - Intro
Unit 2 Emotional Literacy
Unit 3 Empathy
Unit 4 Mindfulness
Module 4 The SEL Classroom: Context for Learning
Unit 1 Classroom - Intro
Unit 2 Brain Rules
Unit 3 Relationships Matter
Unit 4 Class Meetings
Module 5 Module 5: Schoolwide SEL-Creating an EQ Community
Unit 1 Schoolwide - Intro
Unit 2 Peace & Conflict
Unit 3 Diversity & Global SEL
Unit 4 SEL & Parents
Module 6 Module 6: Sustaining SEL: Weaving the Fabric
Unit 1 Sustaining - Intro
Unit 2 Schoolwide Culture
Unit 3 Assessments & Accountability
Unit 4 Synthesis & Review

Presenters include Daniel Goleman, Anabel Jensen, Marc Brackett, Joshua Freedman, and many others.

Additional video lectures from Maurice Elias,  Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, and Dan Siegel.

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iSEL is sponsored by Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network and Fielding Graduate University.

Six Seconds is a global network supporting people to create positive change – everywhere, all the time.  How?  By sharing the research and practice of emotional intelligence.  We believe that if one billion people were practicing the skills of emotional intelligence, the world would be a better place.  Do you agree?  Join us!


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