We know EQ is transformational; these skills facilitate smoother interaction between employees, managers, customers, staff, educators… which improve the employee experience… which improves the customer experience… which increases profitability.

How do you communicate that so clients commit resources to this work?

Often people passionate about EQ have a resistance to “selling,” perhaps seeing it as something negative or painful… but when done right, it’s an incredibly fun way of coaching people and supporting them to get the solutions they need!

Selling EQ is a practical process to generate sales. It’s a simple, effective framework for identifying prospects and working with them to become clients. In this “virtual classroom” program you will work together live (all participants via webcam) to learn the process and support one another to take action.


Selling EQ is one of Six Seconds’ Accredited Continuing Education programs for Certified practitioners in our community to stay on the growing edge.

To register, email [email protected] and ask about the next time it’s being run… or see www.6seconds.org/events for the schedule of programs.

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