Welcome to the EQ Coach Certification part 2: Insights

This 10-week course blends eLearning (here on the site) with live virtual classes, 1-1 coaching, practice, reading, and additional assignments. Through CCI you’ll develop a solid understanding of the theoretical frameworks underpinning the Six Seconds’ approach to coaching:

  1. The ICF Competencies & ethical guidelines to define the process and role of coaching
  2. The Change MAP as a structure to organize coaching for transformation
  3. Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence as a process and toolset for catalyzing positive change

And, we’ll also go further into defining your strategy for building your coaching practice and the role of coaching in business and other organizations. The course outline is below.

CCI is open to coach-trainees in Six Seconds’ EQ Coach Certification. If you are enrolled in this course, and need access to the eLearning, please email [email protected] for assistance.


Module 1 CCI Setting the Foundation
Unit 1 Welcome to CCI
Unit 2 Contract & Module 1 Assignments
Unit 3 Ethics & Certification
Unit 4 Coaching Agreement
Unit 5 Emotional Intelligence in Coaching
Unit 6 Live Virtual Class Category A
Module 2 CCI Co-Creating the Relationship
Unit 1 Module 2 Intro & Assignments
Unit 2 Trust & Intimacy
Unit 3 Coaching Presence
Unit 4 EQ for Coaching Presence
Unit 5 Live Virtual Class Category B
Module 3 CCI Communicating Effectively
Unit 1 Module 3 Intro & Assignments
Unit 2 Active Listening
Unit 3 Powerful Questioning
Unit 4 Direct Communication
Unit 5 Live Virtual Class Category C
Module 4 CCI Facilitating Learning & Results
Unit 1 Module 4 Intro & Assignments
Unit 2 Creating Awareness
Unit 3 Designing Actions
Unit 4 Planning & Goal Setting
Unit 5 Progress & Accountability
Unit 6 Coaching for Change
Unit 7 Live Virtual Class Category D
Module 5 CCI Business: Niche
Unit 1 Module 5 Intro & Assignments
Unit 2 Your Niche
Unit 3 Positioning
Unit 4 Live Class - Niche
Module 6 Stepping into your Niche
Unit 1 Module 6 Intro & Assignments
Unit 2 More Change MAP
Unit 3 Emotions in Change
Unit 4 Looking Back
Unit 5 Live Class - Stepping Into Your Niche
Module 7 Coach Certification Action Plan
Unit 1 Module 7 Intro & Assignments
Unit 2 Walking the Change Map
Unit 3 Looking Ahead
Unit 4 Certification Action Plan Class
Unit 5 CCI Completion

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