We’re honored to be on this journey with you. This eLearning course is an integral part of the program and a resource for you before, during, and after the live-online classes.

CEE includes deep insights for you to be more equity-focused as a coach, and methods for you to bring equity more effectively into your coaching.




Tips on this eLearning

This course is designed to be fun — you can “click and explore” to create your own adventure… or step through in a linear order

In this eLearning course, there are Modules (big sections), with with a few Units (a page about one topic). You can see the outline of the course over on the right side, and you’re welcome to skip around to what interests you.

If you want to go in a linear order, start with Module 1, Unit 1.  The first time you come to a unit, at the bottom there will be a button like this:


When you’re done with the unit, click that button!  Then you click the button like this to proceed:


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